Sunday, September 6, 2009


Change is constant..we can do nothing about it..either we like it or not..change is part of our existence. There are times that certain changes is needed to improve oneself but the problem is that we become complacent, too comfortable that we are reluctant of that changes..its hard to give up something especially our comfort zone.. It takes time for us to realize that we should not always live in the comfort that we used to. Circumstances arises where in we have to spread our wings, go beyond our way, face the uncomfortable situation but at the end of it all..we learned,we are molded to become a better person.
Personally im very hesitant to change most of the time, i rant, i complain but despite all of that..i give up..i accept the change...its so stupid and silly sometimes. The moment i embrace a certain change and look back i laugh to myself and realized that my reaction has done nothing to stop the situation from happening.
Regardless of how we deal or accept change in our life..what really matter is that we learn, we grow, we improve and optimistic. Life would be boring without changes!!
Go for change!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

craziness in me!

waaaaaaaaaaaa life gives me a really hard time!!!!!!!!!it really sucks now...!!!!!!!!!!! i hate to think about stuff that drives me crazy....literally..........its so really hard to deal with plus the people around u..that adds to ur stress...i hate to rant n reiterate stuff but i cant take it seems that anytime soon i will be bursting to the max...i hate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nahhhhhhhh...too much already...i have to doze up something positive to forget about stupid stuff...
goodluck to me!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Back again at last after a few days of procrastinating..hehe..i really does..and so to speak i am..
Anyway blogging is not really my cup of tea..i never thought blogging will be an option to my idle time..Ever since im not really into writing because i dont know how to put things into to begin with nor to write it the way i wanted.. I am not the type of person that get inspired easily as to the topic to post or blog about..I may be have lots of ideas in mind in a moment but its hard for me to write it will become mixed up that would end up thoughtless/out of the subject..hehe..As they say practice makes perfect..well due time and constant practice in blogging i maybe not good enough but a constractive writer will be good..I need to practice more to develop my writing very optimistic that these will help me alot..gradually..For now im still a novice in blogging..but im learning..and i love blog motivates me to write..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

rant no more

Its been a year since my last blog..:-( being busy is the safest reason nor excuse not to blog..hehe..i guess..but more than that..procrastination is a factor as well..:-) Seriously its just that im tired of ranting..blah blah blah of wont make a difference to the things/situations that arises or happened whats the use of ranting at the first place..(( tired of ranting and yet im doing rants))...Poor brainless, nonesense me..:-)
My brain has no ideas to come up with..nor topic or events to talk about..:-(
Have to end my post here...