Wednesday, April 7, 2010

reunited *_*

i dont have to put so much intro to ds..the title speak for itself!!! its a wonderful feeling and cant be express how happy a person could be to be reunited with old friends.. reunited in the sense that u hvent seen each other for ages in flesh..but thanks to the help of technology today..u can feel bond with old friends by the help of social networking sites...Now adays with the help of technology...u can communicate with ur love ones and friends by chat/social networking site..even ur miles apart...Isnt it wonderful and amazing how technology makes our life easier each day..if we only use it can bridge the gap of people...

im so glad that i can commmunicate with my friends..faster and more before that communication is so slow..if you have only to rely on u can email and read the reply as soon as possible...

I love it..

share ur story..:-)

Thursday, April 1, 2010


hay naku..nakakainis 1 tao d2!!!! daig pa ang babae kng mag ingay eh..d nmn xa nakakatuwa..daming reklamo..hay naku nakaka annoy na tlga..d ksi magawang manahimik or itikum mn lng ang bibig nya..hay..ewan q nlng..bakit ba ako afected..kalurkey na to ha..grrrrrrrr..(((sory gsto q lng kc ilabas ang inis q))