Tuesday, March 30, 2010

holy week

its holy week..its time to take a break, pause,reflect and meditate more..some practice traditional thing, some are on vacation, others do some sacrifices..No matter how u spend ur holy week..wat really matter is that we understand the real essence of Holy week..its a reminder of the cross..where Christ died for us 2000 yrs ago to save us frm our sins..

have a blessed holy week!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


just wondering why my ads can't be seen here in my blog..i already allow it..tsk sad..but i guess my blog is not really a good catch..

Anyways, anyone can gve me some hint how to show the ads?

Thank you..

Friday, March 19, 2010


i am not perfect and every one is..sometimes you commit mistakes that is unintentional, it is irrevocable no matter how you try to..its a process of learning and moving on..the only thing that really hurt is that..u have admitted that you make that mistake and yet people still pressing you down..they try to make you feel stupid, moron, idiot,dumb, no common sense!!!!! They say nasty things about you..i dnt knw if they take into consideration how you feel about it..or just they are tackless, cant keep their mouth shut of just for the sake of "had to say"..grrrrrrrrrr...i hate it..

well its their opinion,i can do nothing about it..i do respect that though it hurts but it was said and done..

This principle really make sense.. "LESS TALK, LESS MISTAKES"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Its march...its graduation time..ive been once in that moment of my life..time really flies so fast that time has come to face the real world..A world where only the toughest survive.

Commencement is not the end but a beginning of a new chapter...A new challenges to face, to conquer and survive...

To elementary graduates.. welcome to the high school life..where excitement, fun, puppy love, all the first in your life will happen..It is the most memorable time that you will cherish for the rest of your life...

To high school graduates...its college is the time to decide, persivere and strive hard for your career and future...It is the time to study more harder, dedication...Your choice of career will determine what your future will be..College life is no turning back.. good luck!!!

College graduates..welcome to the world of reality..either you make it or break it..its a challenge how to get ur first interview, ur first job, first paycheck, or first rejection in a job position..The time to prove your worth for a job..A beginning to your ladder of success...

Congratulations to all the graduates!!! Most of all to the parents who strive hard, making nights into days just to meet the financial needs.

off topic:sarap ng buhay students but it comes to an end..(sana student nlng ako for life..toinks)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


All my life i never experience living alone in an apartment or boarding house..I dont have any idea how it feels like living alone, doing all the usual household stuff and most of all budgeting just to meet the bills due every month.I know some that really likes the freedom they enjoy in living alone, away from the family. They never felt homesick..they are well adjusted and get used to it.

In my case, i cant imagine myself living alone, im not used to stay away from my family. I cant imagine spending the special occasions alone..i cant imagine how lonely it is..((nah!im so family oriented lang siguro talaga talaga))..

Im thinking to try it for a week..but as of is just a plan..subject to scared to be honest..sigh..


Saturday, March 6, 2010


Its is the month of fire prevention..its summer..but this month is very special to my 2sisters and a neice...Today is the birthday of my so excited to visit at their house...We will be having a family lunch just to celebrate her birthday..Its another year older,wiser...


happy birthday as well to all march celebrants...

have a great week end...God bless

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

summer *_*

im back again..hehe..bored and nothing to i visited my seems empty..well im too lazy to ive got a rotten juicy thought to rant..poor brainless..:-(..anyways high way..summer is here..its getting hotter n hotter each day..can u feel the heat? r u xcited to take a plunge in a cool and crystal clear swimming pool..or expose ur skin and ready to get sunburn at the beach??? well just hve fun, dsregard the burn..njoy summer...
happy summer!!!