Saturday, February 23, 2008


In our life..we have the so called friends who stick to us no matter what happen. They are our source of strength when all was dark,they pick us up when our spirit is so low. They cheer us up and give comfort when we need it most..even each day they care for us. The willingness to listen to us when we need someone to talk to, an advice or opinion to help us weight things for a better outcome. Our mirror to the things that our eyes cannot see.

Id rather be hurt by a dear friend for I know the intension is pure and sincere for my own benefit.A friend is honest enough to tell the truth even if it would hurt your feelings. We have the attitude that what we only want to hear are good things about us..we tend to ignore the bad side of us.Friend always remind us of the good and bad,we should appreciate that than other people would say it bluntly to us.

It is indeed a blessing, a treasure to cherish friends in our life.

I just want to share this devotional i read a while ago. Hope you will be inspired and bless. enjoy reading. Heres the link>;21