Thursday, February 21, 2008

~*~ Valentine n post valentine fever ~*~

Valentine fever is over yet im into it pa rin kungbaga may hangover pa ako ( lasing ata ako sa araw na but honestly i still feel the happiness of that day. I was overwhelmed by the joy and the love it brings to my soul(naks). Though I am loveless yet i dont feel alone nor lonely. Valentines is not just for lovers alone nmn d b? and I agree to that. No special someone to share with but have family and friends to celebrate.
Feb.14 Work me tapos uwi sa bahay. We had dinner at chicken house restaurant. It was a night to remember, we are together again and full of love for each other. Im so thankful and blessed to have a family with me on that special day.
Feb.15 Payday, gala again with friends, dine and bigayan ng chocolates. Super saya.
Feb 16 A dinner date with churchmates/friends. We meet at around 7:00 pm, we dine at Chicken Deli restaurant ( FYI : dami chicken resto d2 kc Bacolod is known as the home of delicious chicken inasal).After that napagtripan naming mag kape so we headed to Mister Donut. We just laughed, talked about buhay buhay. Though its raining n getting late but it seems that nobody wanted to go home. Its sad to depart but we did go home for the preparation on the next day fellowship. It was indeed a happy night to remember.
Some would say valentines is just an ordinary day soon to pass, other would be sound bitter about that day but i guess majority got excited at kasama na ako dun. Regardless of how you feel, how you celebrate it, kng ano mn trip mo gawin in that long as you have the love it doesnt matter.
Loveless or not we have the right to enjoy that what ever ways we want it to be as long as it makes us happy..paki ba nila..its our life anyway not theirs...:-)