Monday, February 11, 2008


May isang bata na kalbo, red is her favorite color and everything in her room is red. During her birthday..she receive lots of gifts..the excitement of her over flows that right after the party she rushed to her room and excitedly open the gifts one by one..she is so happy with the gifts she received.. there is one gift left un opened..she reached for it and open hurriedly. The gift is a yellow in her dismay..she throw it away...The question is why did she throw it away??
Answer : because kalbo sya at she dont like the color.

Natural na sa ating mga tao ang ganyang attitude..we tend to ignore things that we think are of no value to us..we expect too much in all the things that we asked for...pero pag di naabot ung expectations natin eh nadidismaya tayo. Its far from what we hoped for..Pero d natin naiicp na kaya d gnun ang nangyari as we want things to be ksi nga may purpose at may dapat ipahiwatig sa atin..Lahat ng bagay d natin nakukuha dahil yon ang paraan upang matutunan nating maging patient at higit sa lahat God has a better plan for us as Jeremiah 29:11 verse tell us. Kahit d lahat ng mga bagay ay nakuha natin or ibingay sa atin we should be thankful and appreciate everything that we have..Count your blessings, count what life has given you and not what is taken away from you.
God bless